No Fall capsule is one of the best ayurvedic treatments of sexual weakness due to excessive masturbation. It reverses the effects of aging and increases vigor, vitality, stamina and energy naturally.

Self-stimulation of the genitals for sexual pleasure is called masturbation. About 96% of men worldwide engage in self-stimulation. Most young men enjoy sexual pleasure for the first time through self-stimulation. Self-stimulation relieves men of sexual tension. This is common in young males. Men, whose women are reluctant to make love or leave, also engage in self-stimulation. It also protects men from sexually transmitted diseases. However, excessive hand practice is harmful to your health. Excessive self-stimulation damages the nerves and tissues in the genitals. Men, who have been involved in excessive hand practice for several years, can seek out herbal remedies that offer effective cures. Maha Rasayan Capsules and No Fall herbal pills are recommended for the best ayurvedic treatment of masturbation.

Masturbation Problem Ayurvedic Treatment

You are also advised to massage the male organs using herbal oils such as King Cobra oil twice a day. This is the best recommended ayurvedic treatment instead of masturbation. Take 10 to 15 drops of this herbal oil and apply it along the male organs. Massage the male organs gently with your fingers. This herbal oil will penetrate deep into the nerves of the penis and tissues. It heals damaged nerves and tissue. It also dilates the small blood vessels in the penis area. When you are sexually excited, a very large blood flow is ensured to the reproductive organs to cause a fuller and stronger erection. You can penetrate deep into him and enjoy intimate moments.

The strong parasympathetic nerves heal sexual disorders such as leakage of semen in urine, nighttime, premature ejaculation, impotence and weakness in male organs. Hence, it is touted as an effective ayurvedic medicine over the top of masturbation.

The main ingredients are Samudra Phal, Kalonji oil, Lime oil, Akarkara, Javitri, Kesar, Ashwagandha, Dalchini oil and Jaiphal oil.

While King Cobra oil offers an external treatment for the ill effects of excessive hand practice, Maha Rasayan capsules and No Fall capsules offer internal healing to help you relieve sexual distress quickly.

You need to take one No Fall capsule and one Maha Rasayan capsule every day in the morning and in the evening after food intake.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Sexual Weakness

The potent herbs in this herbal pill are responsible for increasing testosterone and strengthening weak nerves in the reproductive organs. This increases your libido. It also increases the blood supply to your reproductive organs. Herbs like Shilajit Sudh provide your body with essential minerals, nutrients and vitamins in the right dosage. It reverses the effects of aging and increases your vigor, vitality, strength, stamina and energy levels.

Other herbs like Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Pipal etc., relieve you from premature ejaculation, sexual weakness, at night and increase your strength and energy levels.

It also increases semen load and sperm count to enjoy intense pleasure in climax. It also increases endurance to last longer in bed and offers great sexual pleasure. Therefore, No Fall capsules and Maha Rasayan capsules are considered to be the best ayurvedic treatment over the top of masturbation. You can buy Maha Rasayan capsules, No Fall capsules and King Cobra oil from reliable online pharmacies using a credit card and permanently cure sexual disorders.

Practice yoga and Kegel exercises regularly to get rid of the bad effects of excessive hand training. Include kidney beans, watermelon, pumpkin seeds, eggs, cooked oysters, fish, pomegranates and bananas in your daily diet.